In 2017, I would very much like to go to a party DJ’d by the wonderful Kitty Cash :)! I’ve been following her and watching her level up over the last few years. She has inspired a new wave of female DJ’s who, you guest it, are better at the profession than their male counterparts.

From the 3-part collection of Loving the Free mixes, to the prequel for the finale of the series that dropped mid 2016, to this new playlist highlighting her gems of 2016. Kitty is not showing any signs of plateauing anytime soon. If anything, she is getting better, now settling in to what it is she was created to do. I feel like she’s just getting started. And that excites me :). 

Kitty, along with every creative who has found a little glimpse of success in this current decade has this mentality for 2017:

Success is a journey!

Take a listen to her playlist on Spotify, highlighting her gems of 2016. Good to listen to while cleaning, moving, or goal-setting for next week. You will enjoy the mix. Good stuff. Thanks Kitty. 

See you soon 😉