Black Twitter is at it again. Before I go on, I would just like to take a moment to appreciate the creativity and resiliency that is on auto-pilot for those who live in a state of melination in  this interesting nation.

It all started when Yahoo Finance entered the twitterverse with a tweet about Donald Trump wanting to have a ‘Nigger Navy.’ One would assume that this was a typo, given the context of the statement. However, given the context of society and humanity as we know it in America in 2017, I am find it hard to believe that this was not  on purpose. I mean, given the history of America, how does Yahoo Finance not have someone to proofread your tweets, or miss such a word like ‘Nigger?!’

I said it at the end of 2016, however I would like to reiterate that ALL credibility has been lost. When a well known, billion dollar organization like Yahoo Finance ‘misses’ such an obvious word like ‘nigger’ in a expression of less than 140 characters, can you blame my skepticism?

Anywho, they continue to throw these subliminal shots. Meanwhile, we continue to soak up all the shade and shine like the light the creator made us to be. Blazing the trail and twirling like magic in the dust left behind from the crumbling that is White Supremacy!

Welcome to 2017! Have a laugh. Below are a couple #blacktwitter pieces I found funny. Stay in the joy šŸ™‚