Farewell Obama indeed! So this week, President Obama gave his farewell speech as Trump will officially take the reigns next Friday, January 20th. I did not watch, frankly because I despise being lied to and refuse to willingly have my intelligence insulted. I have endured 8 years of President Obama’s smooth talk where he says a million words, pauses a million times, but in the end really says nothing at all. Enough is enough.
Meanwhile, many of my social media associates were extremely emotional. Begging him to say. Worshipping his every word. This year, I have decided to be more reserved and remain silent on issues that I personally take to heart. This man is lauded simply because he’s black, well-spoken, handsome, and treats his family with respect. In my opinion, doing what you are supposed to do should not warrant mass worship. 
Anywho, I was watching a reaction video from Dr. Boyce Watkins. He basically agreed with my sentiments and broke down the extremely low expectations and toxic relationship black Americans have with Obama. I responded to a comment post under the video who states that anyone criticizing Obama was just a hating crab in the barrel, or either a white person posing for comments. Below is my responses to the exchanges we shared. Just wanted to provide some banter:

Criticizing a black president who was elected and supported by black people, mostly because he ran on the legacy of the civil rights movement is not devisive or racist. I believe it is completely fair and just. Your right, Obama did something for literally everyone except for black people. Never expected him to help just blacks, but did expect him to help us to a certain extent, not just symbolically. Especially after he used us to become president.
When your black and able to objectively separate the good family man Obama displays to the world, from the president who has straddled the fence on every real issue, censored free speech, murdered millions of minorities around the world with drone strikes, bailed out Wall Street, repeatedly failed to act on the behalf of the voters instead of his donors, etc, you look at him differently. I respect the family man, good father and husband that he portrays himself to be, however that has nothing to do with how he has failed in terms of what he promised to be as president to the people who voted for him. The jig is up. He’s a fraud. With Donald, America now has a mean, rude, and ruthless pimp instead of a charming swagged out one lol. Farewell indeed Obama. The emotional relationship black people have toward this man is really just toxic smh

I completely understand the emotional connection we have with the obamas and it’s toxic. Just because he’s a black man doing what he’s supposed to do in caring for his wife and family, he gets a pass for his ineptitude as president. The bar is set so low smh.. 

He helped get us out of a recession by bailing out the billionaire crooks who put us there in the first place?! He’s also done lots of trade deals that have contributed to the outsourcing of American jobs. Also, done drone strikes killing millions. He allowed his Sec of state HRC to run a money laundering ‘charitable’ organization during his administration. He endorsed a morally corrupt lying criminal instead of Bernie sanders, which ultimately led to Trump. He Said nothing about to Dakota access pipeline while the oil police were shooting natives and other water protectors with rubber bullets. He lied to the people in Flint, Michigan saying their water is drinkable when to this day, it still is not. Called blacks, thugs for protesting police killings of unarmed citizens. Has taken away more freedom of speech liberties and jailed more whistle blowers than any pres in us history. Obamacare is still unaffordable for wage working citizens. Yes I know that there are gay black people, and they often times identify with their sexual orientation before their racial makeup.
Obama should have proposed a strategy for justice reform, police reform. Bailed out the citizens impacted by the recession, instead of the billionaires who caused it. Education reform, as well as prison reform where instead of targeting demographics for the billion dollar prison industry, introducing more programs to help reform inmates so they can function in society after. Bernie would have won, but Obama guilted his worshippers into voting for a lying criminal who called us ‘super predators’ and has used the prison industry to further destroy our families. He put his politics before the good of the people. He’s pathetic and disgusting 
Obama before or after had absolutely zero baring on my life whatsoever. I believed in his message of hope and change, but he turned out to be a big charming liar. Police today are killing more citizens than ever in us history. There are today, more African Americans enslaved in prisons then in all of the 400 years of slavery. We have less rights to freedom of speech. The govt can now take anyone into custody without giving any cause or explanation as to why because your boy approved that. He created ISIS by allowing his administration to arm them with weapons. Black wealth lessened as well as a decrease in the black employment rate. This list goes on and on. He and Malia will now get to blow trees in California, while the black people he used to build his wealth and platform on are stuck trying to maneuver through the mess he created with Donald Trump as the new leader. Peace out Obama, by far the biggest disappointment so far in my lifetime. He blew it smh.  Farewell indeed!