Okay, I usually keep it positive, however I just want to get a few things off my chest. Let me vent for a second, as the world embarks on the beginning of Donald Trumps tenure as the leader of the ‘free world.’ 

Damn you stupid crooked, disgusting, racist, greedy, morally-corrupt democrats! This is all your fault. We know why you had to cheat, because the establishment candidate that you forced sucked to all hell. But why couldn’t you just human up and take the L. Even still to this day, Russia is to blame for your horrid candidate everyone told you they wanted no parts of. People actually prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Let that sink in. She sucks, yal suck and i wish you well as your selfish corrupt party falls completely apart. 

I thought my anger and frustration had subsided some. That is until I was on the black news website titled ‘theroot’, in which they posted an article titled ‘Shut-up Bernie!’ The nerve?! The audacity?! The idiocy?! The ignorance?! They still don’t get it. These people are a lost cause. Still mad about Trump, but their candidate was clearly the more awful choice. Blaimng Russia for exposing real corruption, and they still cannot seem to come to grips with the error of their ways. Baffeling and disheartening. 

And my taxes pay these bafoons?! Shame! 

It’s so interesting to see the unfolding of current events. When Bernie Sanders lost the primaries, and his supporters protested and expressed frustration due to obvious cheating and collision between the DNC and the media, they were told they were brats and to shut up. There was no cheating. They need to fall in line and now vote for HRC. There was no collusion. The deck was not stacked in HRCs favor. We were just being delusional whiny melinial babies that needed to get over our fair loss and face reality. 

When Wikileaks first released the authentic emails that showed evidence of the collusion that Sanders supporters had been pointing out during the entire primary race, the mainstream media ignored the emails for the most part. Questioning the legitimacy of the emails, even though DNC staff members like Debbie Walsterman Shultz and Donna Brazile had been fired from their positions as a result of the corruption exposed by Wikileaks. Now please think for a moment, what exposure of fabricated documents would result in the DNC chair losing her job and a CNN pundit losing her job as well?! The answer is zero, that is unless they are real! 

Still, the msm barely gave this information the propper coverage it deserved. Instead choosing to cover Trump to oblivion, while continuing to paint HRC as this innocent victim of sexism🙄. 
Fast-forward 4 months to the outcome of the elction. Obviously, Trump won, like a lot of Bernie supporters predicted. As a result, the msm now chooses to circle back and blame Russia for meddling in our elections and the reason for HRCs unfathomable loss. These same people who told Sanders supporters to lick their wounds and quickly get over him being cheated, are now still whining and blaming Russia because their corrupt criminal liar of a candidate got exposed and lost to the second worst candidate of all time. The irony and hypocrisy has truly been amazing to witness. 

Even if Russia, is the ‘culprit.’ Exposing real corruption is not the same as cheating. How the msm is not vilifying the DNC is one of the many reasons as to why I don’t trust a thing the comes on the TV.

I hollered when Trump told the CNN reported they were fake news😭. Pure comedy. Getting my popcorn ready🍿😎