At least that is what every Clemson fan is uttering less than 24 hours after dethroning rececent champ and mid-dynasty Alabama. Both teams it seems, came to play. And unlike I expected. Deshaun Watson did not revert back to his acchiling ways that have cost Clemson in big games. Because they did not make the critical mistake of allowing BAMA’s vaunted defense to score, they are now the champions of all of college football. Congratulations to Dabo and crew.

Now as for Mr. Nick Saban. BAMA has no one to blame except for its huge ego. Yes, they had an 18-year old August-born true freshman at the helm, however I believe the real culprit I was the easy dismissal of OC Lane Kiffin, a week before the championship game. I know they breed them mentally and physically like hybrid cyborgs down in Tuscaloosa, however we cannot forget, these are still just 18-22 year old young men. The smallest things can still impact them mentally, whether it obvious or not. 

I believe that one arrogant move by Nick Saban, cost BAMA what would have truly cemented their dynasty legacy, has now truly turned the tide on the dominance they have displayed in CFB over the last 5-10 years. 

So many want to blame Jalen Hurts for the lack of offensive performance that I believe could have dashed Clemsons hopes early on. However, his receivers were not as helpful as one would think. A number of drops on key 3rd down conversions, combined with a true freshman led to the exposure of an offense that has truly been inept all season. Most, credit Hurts’ calm, emotionless, poker-like demeanor to not getting too high or low. However, as a former athlete, I find it the opposite of inspiring to look my stoic leader in the face as the individual who will lead us to prosperity. 

Yes, it is important for a QB to remain even kill, however Hurts also needs to find a balance between displaying his passion, if he even has any for CFB and looking like the ghost of Christmas past. Sometimes it looks like he doesn’t even know where he is, or if he even wants to play the game; he’s just there. I have not only noticed this with Hurts, but a lot of BAMA players get there and take on this stoic persona. They should tread softly, when you have a boring freshman as your leader in such an emotional sport. 

So long CFB. It’s been a great season. See you in chapter 28! Go Noles🍢🍢🍢