Every woman breathing today has a pleathora of different sides to her that she tapes into based on her current condition. In this case we will highlight the gangsta bitch side that Cardi B eloquently expresses in her recent mixtape GBMV2 (Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2).

This effort is a bit more polished than her last one, volume 1. Where the case featured a picture of Cardi freely and unapologetically receiving felacio from a male while drinking a 40 oz. It just doesn’t get any more gangsta than that. 

This new mixtape features a slew of shit-talking, real-bitch empowering, and relatable lyrics. It does not disappoint and is sure to awaken the inner gangsta bitch that you suppress more often than not. Let her free for a bit, it’s good for your soul. Pop-off, Lick, Hectic, and Pull-up are a few sounds that will surely rise that gangsta mentality.

Thanks Cardi. I will be seeing you at a club appearance soon :)! 

Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2: Listen here!