Make no mistake about it. I am not #teamtrump. However, I am #teamtruth, no matter how ugly it is or how much it hurts. 

Last Friday, Pres Trump took action by signing an executive order to ban certain refugees from certain countries from entering into the US. Now my no means do I believe a country that was created by immigrants should be banning immigrasnts, but I have a bone to pick. 

On the ultra popular, and super hip-hop driven show, The Breakfast Club, Trump was awarded ‘donkey of the day’ for is actions banning certain immigrants. However, my problem is that Obama never received ‘donkey of the day’ or was even held accountable for bombing those same muslim countries?! 

What’s the difference, I ask myself?! Is it that one was a swagged-out family man that was elected based on his well-spoken lies of hope and change, instead of a racist bigot who was elected by spewing hate-filled fear mongering honest retroric?! Make no mistake about it. I do not agree with half of what Trump says or stands for, however I give the guy credit for speaking to the ugly, racist, sexist truth that always existed in America that so many choose to ignore and deny. 

What it boils down to is that the masses have been conditioned to accept and gravitate towards comforting lies, while shunning the ugly uncomfortable truth. Now, it’s culturally acceptable and trendy to speak out against any and everything that Trump does. Even though most of what he has done are things Obama did during his administration as well.

This selective outrage is so interesting to watch unfold before my eyes in real time. Interesting and at the same time annoying. However, I am learning and teaching myself not to take ingnorance personally. I will simply hope and pray that the hypocrisy ends SOON! Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter if the person is well-liked or hated. The response to their actions should be the same. 

I just wonder if everyone is going to start protesting wars and drone strikes against these countries now. Or are people okay with the bombings just as long as we don’t openly ban them?! 
Time will tell, however I won’t hold my breath. And if they do begin to oppose, I just want to know why it was okay when Obama bombed these countries but now it’s not okay when Trump takes the same actions?!