Dalton Hursh

That is the name of the young man I had the pleasure of encountering. The young man is remarkable. A one of a kind genius. A predominantly personification of excellence and divine intelligence. I can count on one hand the number of people I have met who know without a shadow of a doubt what their life’s mission is. I was blown away at the fact that this 14 year-old knew what he was brought on this earth to discover. 

A feeling of hope, gratitude and inspiration filled my being. I will forever cherish that moment and appreciate God for allowing me to encounter such divine inspiring individual  like Dalton Hursh. My hope and faith in humanity was restored in that moment :).

He told me that his life’s mission is to find the testeract and help human kind. We were on the subject matter as I was discussing the needs for clean renewable energy. He is already beyond that. So I asked him to elaborate if he could on what he meant.

He told me his second favorite movie is hidden figures lol. Love that kid. So profound and diverse and well spoken. 

I learned so much from him in just the 25 minutes we spent during gym class. 

I also learned about vegitillions. And all of the Illions after trillions that I didn’t even know existed. He told me of his theories on how he would be able to access the testerac that would be able to jump through time and transcend dimensions and the gargantuan amount of energy it would take to accomplish this mission. 

I learned that 10 to the 6 trillion is the power of all the atomic bombs created going off at once. He told me that the amount of energy he would need to access and create the teseract would be 10 the the 64. An enormous insane amount of energy.

He told me of a man named Andrew dalton who created the atomic theory in 1888. I told him he would have the hersh theory. I also told him that he would need to find balance in his life that would compliment his mental prowess. I told him that just as sharpe and exceptional as he is mentally, is as powerful and strong as he can and should be physically. They are both one in the same. He doesn’t want to make himself susceptible to illness that will hinder him from accomplishing his life’s purpose. 

That was so refreshing and such a blessing to have spoken with him. Thank you God. Thank you God for Dalton. He’s amazing✨

When I was listening to him I could help but to think of Agape and how beneficial a place like that would be to a mind like his. He informed me that what he was after needed to have someone pay extreme attention and have the intention to discover and create it. 

He also told me that he wants to study at MIT. I told him they’d be lucky to have him and he said yes they would be. 

Life is Grand✨