Today, I feel the same way about Presidents’ Day as I did last year. Okay, well maybe not exactly the same, because I know that I have evolved, learned and grown a lot over the last 365 days, but hopefully you catch my drift. 

I get the resistance to Trump, and how now everyone wants to be open and proud about not acknowledging him as their president. Now it’s acceptable to do so. However, if a white person were to respond to Obama in the form or fashion, they would be labeled a racist. 

When I openly criticized Obama for his negligence as president and lack of follow-through, I was called a hater, bitter, etc. This black man, who is only beloved because he does what a married man is supposed to do in honoring himself, his wife, and family that he is above criticism. He was supposedly unable to do anything because everyone held him back in the senate, meanwhile trump has taken more executive action doing things they claimed Obama could never.

Beyond that, now people are upset and rebel against Trump, for doing the same or worse things than Obama did. People are protesting Trump for banning the same countries that Obama has bombed for the last 8 years. I just don’t get it. So interesting to witness hypocrisy and selective outrage in real time.

Now, it’s cool, acceptable and patriotic not to acknowledge Presidents’ Day because of Trump. I’ve been anti Presidents’ Day, because literally every president has been an agent and CEO for continuing to up-stand white supremacy and perpetuate a racist system. You can be openly anti Trump and it’s perfectly understandable and acceptable, but when I was the same about Obama, I was given major side-eye action and ostracized. 

The reason I feel zero indifference between Trump and Obama and the honoring of Presidents’ Day, is because the evil system is still intact. As long as imperialism, racism and white supremacy are still in tact, I view America the same. Not my country, just the land in which I live in. 

They need to honor #slaveryday for all my ancestors who were sacrificed for this evil country. I really don’t want to have anything more to do with politics as long as they are not talking about reparations. ✌🏾