I think that Get Out was a pretty decent film. Given all of the hype, I expected more than what I received. But, when you judge the film based on the quality of projects that are being put out at the moment, I completely understand why the film is all the rave.
It is different. It is daring. It does go there. Not quite all the way, but it does so just enough to burst the bubble of the racist liberal who does not think they are racist at all. It does draw concern for the black man who proudly only date white women, however when you understand that the director is married to a white woman, it leads you to draw a very empty conclusion. Just like the film. 

One thing is for certain, a black woman could have never created a film like this or else she would be raked over the coles by all of American humanity. Dismissed as a bitter, angry, jealous, ugly, hateful bitch by ww, wm, and bm. 

The film is about a black man dating a white girl who goes to the middle of no where to meet her family. He asks her if she told her parents about his black genetic make-up and she says no. 🚩On their way to the country-side, the lovely couple hits and kills a deer. 🚩
They call the police and when the cop approaches he asks the man for his license. Being the privileged white-girl that she is, she mouths off to the cop, telling him it’s bullshit to ask her black boyfriend for his ID because he was not the one driving. While watching this scene, I could not help but to 🙄, thinking about how this scenario would have turned out completely different had she been a black woman telling a white cop he had no right to ask for her black man’s ID, but I digress. When they got in the car, Chris, her black boyfriend told her how hot he thought it was that she stood up for him. I almost barfed while shaking my head in disgust. ‘I hope he dies,’ I thought to myself. I’m slightly demented, shrugs lol
So they finally arrive and her parents are just weird and awkward off rip. Her dad keeps trying to relate and speak to him in black code, referring to him as ‘my man’ while continually asking him ‘you know what I’m sayin?’ 🚩He also said how happy he was that they had killed the deer, how much he hated them and the fact that they were taking over. 🚩🚩🚩He thanked them for killing the deer, which I immediately picked up on the fact that the deer symbolized a black body to him.
All of the grounds keepers were black people. Aware of the fact that he must look like a sellout, Chris wants to hang onto his black card so he goes and tries speak to them in relatable black code lingo. I again roll my eyes. He should feel ashamed and embarrassed to be around them, seeing as how he is a sellout. He represents the house slave who is better than the others because he’s sleeping with masters family. It was so annoying how he would code switch when he saw another black person and felt more comfortable. Like, if you don’t feel comfortable around white people, why are you dating a white girl🤷🏾‍♀️?! I guess when blacks who prefer whites see one of their own in that sort of setting, they can relate to one another because they are on the same self-hating/white-loving page. They see someone who they can confide in. Someone who gets it.
He goes outside for a smoke in the middle of the night and the black male grounds keeper sprints past him.🚩 He thinks nothing of it. Then he goes inside and the mom hypnotizes him🚩. He wakes up and thinks nothing of it. But he calls the black maid a crazy bitch for her awkward actions?! 
The next day there’s a party that the daughter conveniently forgot about, and again he thinks nothing of it. He has a discussion with the grounds keeper and afterwords feels that he may like Rose, his white girlfriend. It was at this moment that I threw my hands in the air at Chris. 5, count them, 5 red flags have been given since he’s embarked on this trip, yet the only problem he finds is the black man trying to scheme on his precious little white snow flake. All this white weird shit going on right in front of him, but he chooses to see the bad in his own people. Typical negro whose found his white prize and cares of nothing else, even his own well-being.

He even snitched on the maid about his phone. What a little bitch!😡 Die please🙏🏾
Then they’re at the party, he takes a picture of a black man he recognizes, and he semi-attacks him, warning him to GET OUT🚩🚩🚩. 

At this point I’m thinking it’s bout time Chris takes heed to the millionth sign he’s received that this trip is not a good idea and decides to get the fuck out of dodge, but nope. He decides that this is the grand moment to take Rose deep into the forest and profess his love for her. Crying that she’s all he’s got and he’s not leaving without her😳. I couldn’t help but laugh at his dumb ass. What a fuckin idiot. 

Something else weird happened, I can’t remember what, but Chris FINALLY decides it’s time to leave. But of course not without his precious white girl who comes from a racist family she swore wasn’t. He finally seems ready to go when he sees a closet filled with pictures of his now white gf with a plethora of black boyfriends from the past. Mind you she told him that he was the first black guy she’s ever dated. 🚩He goes to her and tells her it’s time to go and he needs the keys. She fumbles through her purse and he continues to wait. He’s an idiot and I would have preferred he died for how dumb he was throughout this entire ordeal. I didn’t even mention the fact that he had a friend telling him to leave that place the entire time smh. I was too done with Chris dumb ass.
Long story short, he got away, even though he should have died. I guess that is why I was not too pleased. That, and the fact that I expected more horror. Given the poor films out, I give this a 7.9/10.