March 10th! 
My album of the week is hands down Devin the Dude’s Acoustic Levitation. This very well maybe my favorite project of the year so far. 

I may be a prisoner of the moment, however this album is lit with creativity, the jiggyist of adlibs, and superb story telling over tight beats. Though I do not partake of that ganja herbal substance nearly as frequently as I used to, I couldn’t help but light it up and get elevated to this great project. 

My single of the week comes from my baby Franny O! Droppin bombs outta no where like Obama. This gem in Chanel is just a blessing to the ears. Makes me very excited and heightens my anticipation for what he has coming up next. 

Thanks Devin and Frank for being heavily featured in my life’s soundtrack this week. 

Like all my musical suggestions, please listen with an open mind and a creative ear! 

Be blessed