This week was full of wins! It started Monday! This has been my very first season as a head coach in coaching the 4/5th girls basketball. To say I have enjoyed this journey would be an understatement! My girls listen to me, play together as a team, work hard, and give their best effort. That led us to an undefeated championship season! 
We blew out everyone we played throughout the whole season. Our closest game came when I took an L as a coach and received a technical foul. But that is only because my girls, who are slightly bigger than the majority of our opponents were getting beat up. I didn’t think that was fair at all. I made the Referee aware of my dissatisfaction with his lack of calls. He told me not to say another word, to which I replied ‘just a little fairness is all.’ And just like that, whistle and technical foul. We won the game. 

Fast forward to our championship game. I was nervous, and so were the girls. I think they were more excited than anything! In the beginning our nerves got the best of us, as the game was closely matched. Then we settled in, and my best player had her best game of the season. Case closed. History written! We are the undefeated champions of the 4/5th girls basketball division. My first time as a head coach! So cool! So thrilling! Awesome experience :).


Then, I was awarded on Friday as the rookie of the year for the ECBOA! I am usually not one to need recognition or acknowledgement for hard work with tangible awards, however I am not opposed to receiving praise. Now that I have matured a bit, putting a focused effort into making improvements to better my game made this a little different. Doing official high school games made me level up. It felt very rewarding and I was very honored to be acknowledged for my efforts. I feel like viola Davis lol