I have a great idea! “Let’s use the plight of social injustice to promote our sugary chemicals, I mean beverage,” said a marketing consultant at Pepsi. 🤦🏾‍♀️I mean seriously, there is someone who gets paid an obscene amount of money who REALLY thought that this was a good idea! Are people really this out of touch and numb to the pain of current events?! Or do they just think it’s a joke and don’t really give af?! I think it’s a combination of the 2. Did they honestly think that an illustration of Kendell Jenner giving a cop a Pepsi to end all of the western-made problems that plague society would bode well?! 

If you have no idea what I am talking about, I am referring to the latest Pepsi controversy. Probably the biggest since Janet’s infamous wardrobe malfunction. In this commercial that has gone viral and is now surrounded with controversy, the privileged Kendall Jenner is the chosen one who leads the people to the promise land of peace and unity with her trusty can of sugary chemicals, I mean Pepsi😒. That’s my short summary in a nutshell. However, I encourage you to go view it quickly before they take it down. 

As of today, Pepsi has already apologized to the obvious victim, Kendall Jenner😒, and vowed to stop running the ad. When they see desperate protestors who are burdened with so much pain that they are literally begging for mercy, they don’t empathize with their struggle. They just think selling them sugary poison, I mean a can of Pepsi, will make everything better! I wonder if Pepsi is now going to start sponsoring protest demonstrations with their poisonous products?! That would make much more since than this tone deaf ad. Show people you care, and they will be more inclined to trust what you are offering, even if it is not good for them. (FFT)

Just imagine🤔

However, with soda sales on record decline, I’m sure they don’t mind the free publicity. Perhaps that is what this was all about. Yup, that’s it, they just wanted to get people talking! Call me naive, but I just refuse to believe that their million dollar marketing execs were dense enough to really believe this ad would lead to a boost in soda sales. You think it’s coincidental that this ad was released on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination?!  These calculated manipulative individuals knew EXACTLY what they were doing. 
This Pepsi commercial is just another great example of how cut throat capitalism will use anything: our struggle, our deaths, our anger, our resistance to sell us even more of their horrible products that we don’t need! And the journey continues…

I’m just waiting for someone to make a skit depicting what would really happen if a black woman tried to give a cop sugary chemicals, I mean a Pepsi, during a protest. Instead of receiving it, he overreacts with fear and shoots her. To which he is justified in doing so as he testifies that he felt his life was threatened. Next! Case closed. Carry on folks. Nothing more to see here. Reality😒😔😞


PS. Stop funding your oppression. Stop drinking soda, or purchasing any of Pepsi’s products. 

Thanks for reading. Peace and blessings✨

*FFT = Food for thought