Have you every heard of the term, ‘manufacturing consent’ coined by genius scholar and communication theorist Marshall McLuhan, God bless his existence. Basically, to shortly summarize, the theory explains how the mass media in America uses words and/or propaganda to shape consumers perception towards their specific agenda. In short, viewers are told what to think and how to react. Messages are delivered from a very biased angle they want to persuade their viewers toward. So much so, that the viewer often times will accept this biased inconclusive information as facts, without even realizing it. The media too often will take advantage of the trust their consumers have in their products/services, and use that nativity to manipulate them. If this is the only feed of information the consumer receives, they are not being fed fact-based information to which they can gather facts and draw their own conclusion. Instead, the mass media manufactures their consent towards the conclusion of their preference. Be careful what you watch on the teLIEvision💯.

Which brings me to the NBA MVP race!

Though it has not been announced yet, I would be confident in placing a million dollar bet on Russel Westbrook winning the award! He’s broken Wilt Chamberlin’s record of triple doubles had in a season and filled the media airwaves with his chart topping stats and highlight plays. Based on the medias reaction, and the fact that they are the ones who vote, he will be the winner. Fake News continues to unfold before our eyes, as the media continues their crusade for the stat stuffer, like they did Hillary. 

Russel Westbrook is far from my favorite player, however I do commend the man for breaking a record that’s stood for over 40 years and having an excellent season. However, I do not feel that breaking a record for triple doubles warrants an MVP. He’s the same Russ he’s always been, just without Kevin Durant. LeBron James could break that same record every season if his priorities were winning and filling the stat sheet like Russ’, but they’re not. From my observation, it seems that Lebron’s priorities are winning and helping make his team better. 
I also believe that the MVP should be given to someone who is valued both offensively and defensively, which eliminates James Harden. The MVP should also belong on a team with a top record, whose direct play translates to wins, which eliminates Lebron’s 51-31 2nd place east-seeded Cavs. This is why my MVP is the claw, Kawai Leonard!

Although the Spurs are the standard when it comes to running an exemplary organization, that should not take away from the fact the Leonard is this seasons MVP! If anything, him being the MVP is a testament to what an excellent organization they are for being able to find such diamonds in the rough time and time again. 
Like Westbrook and Harden, Leornard was the lone all-star on his team that ended up with a 61-21 record. He’s not a sexy offensive player, however he does get buckets, in addition to leading his team defensively. What I feel, is the true meaning of an MVP. Congratulations Kawai, the real MVP🏆!