Will America ever know peace?! I pray I see it in my lifetime, however I have to stay prayed up on the topic because I have my doubts. I cringe at my doubts because I know it is a slap in my creators face to doubt her capabilities. And yet and still, I doubt that a country so deeply intrenched in violence, murder, greed, bigotry, bullying, hatred, deception, manipulation and materialism could ever change its ways.

What would it take?! What would have to happen for America to have to reform its ways?! Too change the very foundation upon which it was built on?! When I reflect on those questions, my thoughts wonder into an abyss of perceived impossibilities. I become overwhelmed with feelings of dispare. When I find myself entrensed with anger, disappointment in humanity, deeply saddened, and burdend by the state of current events, I remind myself of who I am. 

Who God is in me! How grateful I am for everything. Grateful for my existence! Grateful for all life, a chance to live, love, feel, see and have the mental ability to recognize the power of God, the creator. How blessed I am to know this truth and that the thought of impossibility is pure fallacy, a mere illusion! I remember who I am. I remember what God is. All is well and all is making way for our individual and collective good. I remember😌. I breathe and just become present, overcome with thanks and gratitude because I know that in the moment, all my needs are met and God is! Peace begins within. Peace begins with me✨

God bless